Poultry & Cattle

Poultry & Cattle

We have been at the very front of livestock and poultry nutrition. As our company has developed and prospered, we have always remembered our underlying foundations. We invest wholeheartedly in manufacturing the highest quality products joined with premier client support.

The poultry group gives solutions that drive profitability and productivity. In addition to our cost-effective scope of items, we offer our clients custom-made nutritional services and specialized help. Our nutritionists work intently and straightforwardly with our clients to guarantee their objectives are met.

Both Feed (Ghani Halal Feed Mill) and Egg (Ghani Farms) manufacturing plants permit the production of quality feed/eggs effectively with lower wastage which eventually brings about low pricing for the clients. Feeds are made and provided with the ideal nourishing equilibrium and form as per the kind of livestock and its development stages. The Feed Manufacturing office is likewise situated in the same city helps in the low expense of transportation of Feed which will facilitate the sales rep to provide minimal expense estimates.

Poultry & Cattle

Key Benefits

Fish farming is a type of aquaculture wherein fish are brought up in nooks to be sold as food. It is the quickest developing area of animal food production.

Cattle, Corn, Soybeans, Dairy products/milk, Broilers, chicken eggs, and Miscellaneous crops.

Farming plays a vital part in the economy of developing nations and provides the fundamental source of food, income, and employment to rural populations

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