Chinese processing plants have established themselves as pioneers in production and manufacturing. They can produce mass products at a cheap rate, making China the top priority for common goods ordinarily purchased wholesale for retail. Whoever there are some points you should consider while sourcing products from China.

Ensure Quality

There’s no secret that some of the Chinese products are low on quality or they are absolutely a nightmare to deliver. To avoid that situation you must visit potential manufacturers or factories who are dealing with your order.

The in-person inspection ensures that you are dealing with a legitimate factory rather than any bogus manufacturing unit. In case, you don’t have time to travel, you can always hire a sourcing agent who has a vast experience in sourcing and is better aware of all the red flags and critical situations.

Negotiations and asking for samples

One thing about the Chinese manufacturers is that they love to negotiate. Make sure to negotiate your terms with Chinese suppliers before placing your orders, including; minimum order and payment methods.

Also, make sure to ask for samples before placing an order. Just to make sure that the quality and the integrity of your product is not compromised in any way.

Communication is the key

Although English is thought of as a common medium of communication most Chinese suppliers or vendors don’t understand English and even if they do there are very high chances of miscommunication.

It is very important to have all the specifications and instructions written While doing business and the dealer of the organization must convey it properly to the supplier and it is the company's responsibility to make sure that all the prerequisites and requirements are properly communicated.

Do your research

Before you begin sourcing items from a reliable Chinese provider, you should start the cycle by reaching them on the internet. Nonetheless, you should be cautious as the net is loaded with fraudsters who can attempt to fool you into feeling that they are real Chinese suppliers.

Launch a Google search of the supplier’s name and see what you find. You need to search for the most recent news and online reviews related to the supplier’s firm. You can likewise look at their LinkedIn profile and other web-based social accounts that are allowed in China. A famous supplier who works with a worldwide customer base will have a verified profile.

Verify Supplier

Once you did your homework and you are sure to pursue a certain supplier, you need to confirm their credentials:

  • Look for their production capabilities, either they are a legit unit or just some middlemen.
  • Whether they have the expertise to deliver the promised items.

This can be easily done by asking the companies for their audited accounts or tax invoices. You can also identify the factory by its location and the local government office under whose jurisdiction it falls.


Ask any importer and practically every one of them, they will have a tale about the mistakes they’ve made while obtaining items from China. That’s because it is almost impossible to try not to commit any errors in the process. However, with the right counsel, you can set yourself in the best situation to keep away from probably the most widely recognized blunders and mitigate a portion of the dangers that accompanies manufacturing, shipping, logistics and more when sourcing products from China.